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Monday, 26 August 2013
Cover with E's kind words. 

Thank you E!

We just want to thank our friend E. Van Lowe (Amazon Bestselling author of the Falling Angels Saga) for the blurb he wrote for the cover of Guardian. E you are a kind soul and we are so lucky to have you looking out for us. HUGZ!
For more information about E please check out his blog
And his website

Also Boyfriend From Hell, Earth Angel and Heaven Sent are AMAZING! Go! Buy! Read! Enjoy!
-S & B

The Apology Dance!

Monday, 22 April 2013
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We know and we’re sorry!

We know that we missed yet another Thief deadline (two and counting, sigh!)
So I think Sara and I have some “splanin to do.”

I’ll warn you in advance; this story is long and not all together happy so get comfy because I’m going to start at the beginning.
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As most of you know in January 2012 Sara and I released our first YA Paranormal Romance novel Guardian. We were so excited (Still are!) and so thankfully for the warm reception it received from readers and reviewers alike.

Feeling like the sky was the limit we got kind of cocky and made this announcement on the blog Book Whispers…

“Guardian is the first book of a trilogy with the second book-Thief-due to release this summer(2012). That said we have so many projects on the go that we are excited about. Currently we are circulating a middle-grade manuscript to agents which has had some positive feedback. We can also announce that we are working on a YA superhero novel-Legacy-and a YA Sci-fi-Aurora-both to be available this summer.
At last count we had over fourteen series on the go, but we prefer to pick certain projects to work on and only announce as they become relevant.”

So obviously the summer of 2012 deadline for not only Thief but two other projects came and went with no new material from yours truly. Honestly what were we thinking? 


Actually it was around this time that Sara and I decided to move from our parent’s home outside of Cornwall, Ontario to the Greater Toronto Area and settling into a new city, new home and new careers. Once again we thought it’d be easy and we could quickly get on with writing Thief.


Neither of us were expecting for my new job to not be a good fit, forcing me to put time into finding a new place to work. (Which I did and have been quite happy!  :D)

We also weren’t expecting for our middle-grade project to take priority during the fall. Many agents not just nibbled but took the bait on the aforementioned middle-grade novel. It was very exciting to have some very big names from some of the best agencies in the world looking our way. Ultimately it didn’t work out because the second half of the story lagged and we have since reworked the entire concept and look forward to an interesting query season very soon as agents take a second look.

It was actually during the time that we were hearing back from agents that the single greatest event of our young lives rocked our family to its foundations.

While driving home from work on October 18th (just two days after his 22nd birthday) our little brother Nick Baker was killed in a tragic car accident just four minutes from home. The loss of Nick has been the single greatest loss of our lifetime and in the six months since it has been very hard to not only come to terms but to try to press on as if its business as usual.

We tried to start writing a couple months after but it was short lived because another painful loss hit us hard on January 23rd 2013. Which is the date I had to carry my seven and a half year old German Shepherd (like a son to me) into the vet office to make his final journey after a long and heartbreaking battle with degenerative myelopathy.

If that wasn’t enough I started feeling very ill. I’d noticed some symptoms, sever debilitating exhaustion; I was catching colds and flues way to frequently to be normal and was simply feeling like sludge all the time. A series of tests and ultrasounds revealed that I am suffering from anemia and a sever B12 deficiency. (The human body needs B12 to produce red blood cells and pretty much keeps you alive)

Luckily we caught it in time and with some high concentrate injections I’m starting to feel like a person again. And the best part is we are starting fresh and have our noses to the grind stone working hard to bring you the sequel you’ve all been so patiently waiting for.

So yah, it’s been one hell of a year and though we wish we could turn back time and do away with certain aspects of it. We also feel incredibly blessed and thankful for your continued interest in our cast of characters and we promise we are doing everything in our power to make sure that Thief will be well worth the wait.

Please just give us another month or two of your patience and stay tuned for updates , sneak peeks and special releases.

Thank you again!
Blessings and Hugs!

-Becky the B in S.B. 
Friday, 22 February 2013
Hi All!
Sara and I just wanted to let you guys know that we are officially "tumbling" as well.
Don't worry this blog is safe and we're committed to both. But with Sara's popular
"Land of Fluff and Needles" tumbler we decided it was high time S.B. Rodgers
had a second home. 

Art by Sara

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