Why Angels?

Friday, 27 July 2012

We get asked this a lot, and to be honest there is no one specific answer. We were raised in a religious household-church every Sunday-and as such, were exposed to the deep seated lore in the Christian bible. The stories we were raised with absolutely influenced our work on Guardian and our choice to explore the relationships between angels and demons. The idea of a universe governed by opposing forces of good and evil brought to light the endless possibilities for stories featuring blood-thirsty demons and all-powerful angels.

We knew that a story involving angels and demons would be an action packed one. We didn’t just want to write the same old good vs. evil story, rehashed with a sprinkle (okay, a bucketful) of teenage angst. No, we set out to create a rich world with an interconnected cast of characters. A new take on the Heaven and Hell we grew up learning about. One with plenty room for fallible angels and heroic demons.    

Another reason we chose angels is the power aspect. We liked the idea of angels as warriors, wielding power to demolish the forces of evil. When Gabe first appeared in Becky’s imagination, he was ready for battle covered in his runes of power, wings spread and sword of flames poised to strike. 
So when asked why angels we answer because angels are sexy, angels are historic and angels are powerful. 

Did we mention angels are sexy?!

S.B. Rodgers


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